The members of two important families reconciled and a solution found for their financial disputes.

A family charter drawn up to the great satisfaction and enthusiasm of all family members.

A takeover target identified and the takeover completed of a company in a niche sector, so that a ‘hidden champion’ (a less well-known, fast-growing top company) could break through on the international scene.

A business club set up for the C-level of Belgian and Dutch decision makers and captains of industry.

A crowd-funding operation set up for a not-for-profit organisation to finance a new ‘silence centre’.

Three inspiring high-level seminars organised with Jeremy Rifkin, in the presence of the EU President.

A ‘Black Swan’ event set up for our clients with Nassim “Antifragile” Taleb as the guest speaker.

Our clients assisted and advised on major investment projects in Brazil, China and India.

Several private offerings from family businesses for private investors.

The use of new media such as Twitter and blogs creates a genuine club of loyal supporters who give us valuable, critical feedback.

Recognised as a firm with a well-founded, valuable view of sustainability.

Growth at a sustainable pace, with more than 25 co-workers in three countries already meanwhile.

Profitable from the outset and proud of our solid capital ratios.

Identification of anchor businesses that could become triggers for strong regional clusters.

An excellent partnership with Crelan (Landbouwkrediet/Centea) that resulted in two successful investment funds.

Advisor to large companies, professional and sectorial organisations and authorities on the local and international economy.

Advisor and assistant in the takeover of a mid-sized bank, which together with the acquirer now forms a healthy financial group two years later.

Creation of specialist reports with unbiased and influential views on specific sectors such as the media, chemistry & life sciences, and pharmaceuticals.

Not a single client lost since the launch of Econopolis.

The creation of four public funds and one private vehicle that are performing to our clients’ satisfaction.

Regular visits and study trips by our analysts to the new economic hotspots of the world.