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Le bébé de Geert Noels a bien grandi

Enfant de la crise financière de 2008-2010, la société de gestion Econopolis créée par l’économiste vedette Geert Noels a réussi à inscrire son nom sur la carte du conseil patrimonial à la belge. (more…)

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ECB helicopters should remain on the ground

In the past few weeks both ECB-president Mario Draghi and ECB-chief economist Peter Praet have answered questions about so-called helicopter money, where they stated it is a valid tool in the central bank’s tool box. That said, we don’t think it’s time to start looking to the skies in wait for free money falling down. The ECB’s helicopters will remain on the ground for the foreseeable future. (more…)

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Graph of the week: Heading for an upward surprise from the Fed?

When the Fed started raising its policy rate last December, it also announced plans for 1% of further rate hikes in 2016. However, since then the economic situation in the US has deteriorated, forcing the Fed to scale back those plans. In recent weeks positive signals about the US economy have begun to pop up again. These could pave the way for an upward surprise from the Fed later in the year.…

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