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A realistic vision

Econopolis breaks with traditional asset management and advice provision. We focus on simplicity, transparency and the long term, in close dialogue with the client. We also look further than the financial markets and help our clients to diversify their assets well.

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Our roots

Econopolis is the brainchild of Geert Noels and Geert Wellens, developed to guide private and institutional investors towards the new financial-economic era. With an unusual approach, attuned to the new reality and based on impartiality, sustainability and transparency

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Reliable partners

Econopolis works together with a limited number of partners of the highest quality in a relationship of mutual thrust. Faithful ambassadors of the early Econopolis days who share our principles, values and strategy.

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A team of experts

The Econopolis team consists of already more then 25 personalities, all specialists in their field of expertise and totally convinced of the Econopolis philosophy. The group has 6 partners and is led by a team of 5 managers.

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