A long-term view...

Econopolis was born of our unique vision of our (financial) world, economy and society after the "Econoshock".

Econopolis (°2009) translates the words in the Econoshock book and TV series into actions: asset management for the new financial and economic age.

With an unusual approach, attuned to the new economic realities and built on sacred basic principles of impartiality, sustainability and transparency.
A team of specialists translates the Econopolis principles into a unique strategy for your assets, focused on capital preservation and growth via the numerous opportunities offered by the new economic landscape.


Econopolis aims to be a quality label for financial-economic investments and advice. Our organisation was born during the financial crisis of 2008-09. That means that we had a blank page on which to design a new organisation, taking account of everything that went wrong in the financial sector. We invest continually in creativity, quality and human talent. We also screen our financial partners for their sustainable features, ethics and transparency.

From our genuine concern for the world, our clients and our co-workers, we always look with a critical eye at our ideas and decisions. That same concern makes us aware of our social commitments. Acting with ethical and social responsibility is a fundamental component of the way we work.

In our strategies we look at the long term; we are not swayed by the issues of the day. We communicate clearly and openly about our strategy and insights. In this way we try to build long-term relationships with the investors in our funds. That is the best guarantee for success and satisfaction.

Our management is built on a number of foundations and principles that we believe make all the difference:

Simplicity & honesty

We focus on simplicity, transparency and the long term, in close dialogue with the client.


Every client is different, every assignment is different. There is no such thing as a standard approach at Econopolis. Tailor-made is our style.

Ethical and sustainable

From our genuine concern for the world, our clients and our co-workers, we always look with a critical eye at our ideas and decisions.

Faithful to our 10 principles

Preserving Wealth, Security, Simplicity, Transparency, Reputation, Slow Money, Trust, Discretion, Stewardship, Professionalism

... supported by a team of experts

Geert Noels

Geert Noels / Founder & Partner - Chief Economist

Geert Wellens

Geert Wellens / Partner & Founder - CEO

Gregory Christians

Gregory Christians / Director

Valérie Coene

Valérie Coene / Management Assistant

Michaël De Man

Michaël De Man / Fixed Income Strategist

Lise Devloo

Lise Devloo / Legal & Regulatory Advisor

Kristof Eggermont

Kristof Eggermont / Business Analyst

Thierry François

Thierry François / Partner

Maxim Gilis

Maxim Gilis / Senior Fund Management & Fixed Income Analyst

Joost Houtman

Joost Houtman / Communication Manager

Matthieu Jacobs

Matthieu Jacobs / Operations & Technology Officer

Fred Janssens

Fred Janssens / Compliance Officer

Jeroen Kerstens

Jeroen Kerstens / Wealth Manager

Marc Langeveld

Marc Langeveld / Senior Fund Manager & Director Econopolis The Netherlands

Bob Leysen

Bob Leysen / Relationship & Wealth Manager

Liesbet Loos

Liesbet Loos / Accounting & Reporting Manager

Filip Palmans

Filip Palmans / Director Wealth Management

Cedric Stichelbaut

Cedric Stichelbaut / Portfolio Analyst

Bernard Thant

Bernard Thant / Equity Analyst

Marine Van Reeth

Marine Van Reeth / Office Manager

Guido Van Woensel

Guido Van Woensel / Senior Investment Director

Marijn van Zundert

Marijn van Zundert / Senior Wealth Manager

Gino Delaere

Gino Delaere / Senior Emerging Markets Consultant

Leona Tan

Leona Tan / Equity Analyst

Jacqueline Floch

Jacqueline Floch / Wealth Manager

Timothy Verhoest

Timothy Verhoest / Legal Counsel & Consultant

… who believe in open & transparent communication

Econopolis is a transparent organisation. A company that believes in open communication about our opinions and strategy.

We share our unbiased views on the economy, the financial world and our society through traditional and new media channels. We explain our investment strategy to our clients in a very comprehensible and accessible way, so they understand in detail what we are doing and why.

And we organize seminars for the Econopolis community with the world’s leading economic opinion makers. Economists with a clear insight, a well argued opinion, a global view. Opinion leaders who see through the mist of every day events. And focus on what really matters: the bigger picture.

Over the past years, we had the pleasure to welcome such renowned economists and visionary speakers as Jeremy Rifkin, Nassim Taleb, Nouriel Roubini, John Mauldin, James Robinson, Pierre Lagrange, Brad Templeton and many more.

We believe in the art of transparent communication: challenging mainstream opinions and questioning generally accepted truths. Through the confrontation of opinions and fact based arguments we build a long term strategy and an investment policy aimed at safeguarding your assets and helping them to grow in challenging financial times.

Reliable economic partners