The art of progress through perfect balance

"Balance is key". The motto of the Belgian sports icon Kenny Belaey during his world-class achievements in trial biking is also the basic principle for good health, a happy life and successful investments.

Balance is key. Through balance avoiding financial pitfalls and ensuring stability in difficult circumstances. And reaches the other side unscathed. Geert Wellens, CEO

Through a perfect balance Kenny achieves the impossible in the film clip above: on a bike going over the yawning gap between 2 mountain tops on a narrow and unstable rope bridge. With unceasing focus on the opposite side, a unique feel for the balance of body and bike, and an extraordinary harmony of mind power and unprecedented physical effort.

Econopolis manages wealth and savings with the same approach and conviction. In balance between risk and return, between maintaining capital intact and looking for growth opportunities, between avoiding threatening financial storms and seizing opportunities that the new economic realities offer. With a focus on the ultimate goal and a perfect balance between the various investment instruments that constitute a balanced portfolio.

At Econopolis it is all about asset management and financial advice in balance. In our discretionary and institutional asset management. In our fiduciary advice. And in the 3 retail funds that we manage for our partner Crelan: loyal to the Econopolis principles and the DNA of our house.

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