Growth pact - France, Chile & Sweden

With the new French winds blowing at the Elysée, the debate on a growth pact gathers momentum: briefly “piano piano” on austerity and public investment providing the growth kicker EMU urgently needs. Also the IMF issued some warnings earlier on that moving too quickly on austerity might in the end even be counterproductive. The reasoning would be that…

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Travel Log : "Bom Dia de Sao Paolou !!" - The magical fig-tree

“You there Tityre, lying on your lazy butt, stretched out under the figtree.” (Virgile, Bucholica). Being now in Brazil, this comes to my mind for various reasons. For too long, we have been bogus about the fact Brazil has always been the country of “manana”, the land of the future, of laziness and promises not fulfilled. The past couple…

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Travel Log : "Mas, Mas que Nada..."

Oooooh, ari rai, ooooh, oh bah o bah o bah , mas que nada….Late Wednessday we made a U-turn and swapped grey Sao Paolo for Rio. And the state of Rio has it all, key area and vital for the future of Brazil. “Ordem e Progresso”is the motto featuring on Brazil´s national flag. Over the past decade, progresso came from lifting underdeveloped…

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Falende staten

Ecuador heeft zijn (verkiezings)belofte gehouden en faalt op de terugbetaling van zijn leningen. Daarmee is het land nog slechts 4defaultsverwijderd van de absolute koploper, Spanje. Maar in de moderne tijd is Ecuador toch de recordhouder van de defaults, samen met Turkije en Uruguay. De VS ontbreekt in dit lijstje, maar pakt het slimmer aan: het default…

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  1. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @durkveenstra "keldert": 1% correctie na een aantal weken versterking. Pond zal nu volatieler zijn op aantal gebeurtenissen.about 4 hours ago
  2. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @Schuldensuehner #Italy has a competitiveness problem more than a debt problem.about 4 hours ago
  3. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: Current Brexit deal would be a good one, closer to EU viewpoint, but probably difficult to swallow for hard Brexite… 5 hours ago
  4. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @Bruegel_org @mariademertzis @viegi_nic How would you qualify the current UK Brexit-deal in terms of position on these quadrants?about 6 hours ago
  5. EconopolisEconopolis said: Econopolis kijkt ook vandaag televisie. @destandaard noemt de studie zelfs 'zorgwekkend'. Wij zien - punt intended… 6 hours ago