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Friday Fun : Heigh-Ho & Hocus Pocus

My first child trauma involved a garden kabouter with my sister blackmailing me and smashing my favorite little stone rock shining fellow onto the ground in front of my eyes. I received a plastic ersatz one but since then life has never been the same. Despite all that, I still believe in kabouter magic. Even today, because the best time of the day is at 8.30 PM when…

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Friday Fun : Feel the fear and pass the bucket ?

Feel the fear and do it any way. Or like one of our twitter sources (fx trader Bob Matterhorn) recently stated : “Do the trade that makes you puke !” When having a look again at certain asset price evolutions in 2012, this was certainly the case. And it wasn’t restricted to equity. But there are some striking elements. I took another look at leading…

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Friday Fun : Holes in the bucket

Contrary to what you might be thinking already, this is not a story about bashing banks. No, we picked up the following story that following the latest Belgian budget marathon session, our grand leaders are serious about blowing new life into the idea of the “popular loan”. And it will be a good deal for each and every one amongst you, win-win, speaks…

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Friday Fun : Let's swear them in !

“I am surprised the judge of inquiry had a last minute change of mind and still puts me under suspicion”, dixit Jean Paul Votron. Fortis and a first hint on market manipulation and deliberately misinforming parties of interest. On Fortis recently, we had another revealing interview with Maurice Lippens who stated that “he never quite felt being a banker…

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Friday Fun : We need wine and a miracle !

Sex, drugs and alcohol, always basic ingredients of interesting head line news so we are told. But when it comes to market traders, alcohol is apparently something special. Harry’s Quayside Bar in Singapore is still serving the Bank Breaker Cocktail in honor of Nick Leeson, the man who in 1995 exploded on his bets for £ 1 bio and sealed the fate of Her Majesty’s…

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Late Friday Fun : I kiiieeellll her !!

Yes, yes, yes, we struck gold this time. Today’s Economist leading article focuses on France and the fact that they are the ticking time bomb under the Euro-zone. If I am not mistaken, we already blogged on this one last May when discussing the sense and nonsense of discretionary Keynesian policy :…

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Friday Fun : Tanks, taxes and stop losses

On of our dear bloggers of the first hour – Franck Vanhee – gave me the idea last Wednesday when he quoted Mark Faber during an interview on his favorite US presidential candidate and confiscation : “If you put a gun on my head and say you must choose between Obama and Romney, I would say shoot. Speaking of which, investors seeking to protect their…

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Friday Fun : Goldman - Waiter, this is not what I ordered !

Next Monday, former Goldman employee Greg Smith’s book will become available. And surely it will get us up to date with the sleezy details on Wall Street (if that was necessary). Now we witness already some interesting pre-leaks and Goldman going into defense. Goldman’s defense is twofold. First of all, on the embarrassing mail leak of muppets…

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Friday Fun : Staring at Empty Pages

Yesterday I attended the first day of a 2 day seminar at the NBB on “Endogenous Financial risk”. The objective was to shed light on systematic risk and if remotely possible give some guidelines on the way forward. What have I learned ? The first presentation I attended was called “Measuring and testing for systemically important financial…

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