Habemus Pecuniae Rationem !!

“Belgian budgets are rarely an example of elegance. But the numbers do fit !!” – A Belgian budget minister wearing a beard serving under Verhofstadt’s Purple I cabinet At last we managed to produce some kind of federal budget. But whether we should cheer our government coming out of conclave, is a different matter. “Purple”…

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"We simply can't" or... "We simply won't" ??

The Belgian 2013 budget debate resumes and it seems that once again we encounter a steeple chase with lots of water bassins and people from all pressure groups pre-emptively closing several options. The objective of this year’s exercise is to find EUR 3.7 bio and to lower the budget deficit to -2.15% of GDP at Europe’s request. My simple calculus…

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Rundskop en het Deense model

De film van Michaël Roskam greep finaal naast de Oscar voor beste buitenlandse film. Maar ook zonder de trofee kunnen de recente successen van de Vlaamse film verstrekkende positieve gevolgen hebben. Indien de overheid aansluitend de juiste kaarten trekt. Dit artikel verscheen net voor de Oscar-uitreiking ook als opiniestuk in De Standaard. Als je wint,…

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Solely I owe the Flemish taxpayer 100%

After issuing a public tender, the Flemish government has apparently made a decision on their new preferred home banker. ING came out as the winner. And already a lot of fuzz going on that it’s a shame a non-Belgian, or non Flemish banker for that matter, has been elected. Dexia has announced it will take the decision into consideration and will most likely…

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Politics & the university calendar

When you decide to take a higher education – eg university, college etc- you usually will be subjected to a mass of knowledge to digest. But most college systems most of the time are fair, to the extent that you can spread exams or that you will be able to receive a second chance : 1) January – April : a partial exam, a chance to score and being relieved of…

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"Old Belgium is dying"

“The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter” Sir Winston Churchill, you love or hate him. Smoking cigars and gallons of whiskey. But Winston was there in times of ultimate despair. And Winston brought home the Nobel as well (1953, literature). And where the hell is Winston when you need him ! It’s…

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Def_debt oct 2011.004.jpg

Belgian public finances: spending above its means

Today is the day that the draft for the 2012 Belgian public budget should have been finalized. Unfortunately, in absence of a government, and in absence of any consensus, there is no such draft ready. Welcome in the country named “later” or “almost there”. A quick glance at the numbers learns were the problem is situated in our country.…

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"You may leave your message..."

“…after the gunshot”, replies the answering machine of Herr Flick. Today, a newspaper from progressive left origin had the audacity to bundle all the reactions – or rather lack of reactions – from various members of the board of governors from Dexia and the Communal Holding. The summary is quite a revelation. On the Communal…

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Hoe de fall-out na Dexia voorkomen?

Negen punten verdienen de aandacht van het beleid om verdere schade na Dexia te voorkomen. Want de financiële crisis is met de nationalisering van Dexia niet achter de rug. Lees hier de column die Geert Noels publiceerde in De Tijd. De nationalisering van Dexia is een feit. Ze mag wel niet zo genoemd worden, maar ‘het saneren en garanderen door de staat van…

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