Graph of the week: rising house prices in Sweden

The key risks from very loose monetary policy are rising inflation and asset price bubbles. In spite of massive monetary stimulus in recent years, these risks have not materialised in the global economy as it continues its gradual recovery from the 2008 crisis. Nevertheless, there are areas of concern. One such area is the Swedish housing market, where prices…

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It's a long way to Tipporary...

Yesterday Fitch released a report with some arithmetics and outlook on the ageing population and how the developed west so far has anticipated on these demographic evolutions. As usual, most politicians and media take this with a benign neglect attitude : What’s the problem, 2050 is still ages away ? Or in true Belgian style, it will probably be taken…

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Hooray, debt free... pain pays ?

Well not exactly hooray as far as the IMF is concerned : Apparently the IMF is not happy with Latvia having refunded their entire 2008 bail-out loan already. The IMF at one point even gave the advice of “piano, piano” or “we don’t need so much money from you right now”. The Latvians nevertheless pushed forward and now have of course…

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2012 - Straight cold players - 2013

“Life without music would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche. So before turning over to the 2012 review and 2013 outlook, let’s just have a quick playful stop first by way of introduction : most likely the best ouverture of all ouvertures ever made, 18th century purest form of Rock & Roll avant la lettre : Figaro, a controversial…

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Le Trio Infernale - Change

When the Roman Catholic Church meets Ferrari meets the “Left”, what do you get ? Because that’s in a nutshell what is currently happening in Italy, “progressive” forces seeking change and joining forces. At first sight, they truly make an odd couple trio. Mind you, the majority of Maranello based Ferrari employees are unionized…

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Market update : Not a single gun shot fired...

“Never underestimate the power of denial” – Ricky Fitts, American Beauty. It has been a while we reported on the European sovereign debt crisis so we thought it being appropriate to give a quick update. Greece finally has secured a new deal with the Troika but no new haircuts are involved. So no new debt relief. We had an interesting interview…

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Dutch "Modernization"

In the age of new-speak and political lexicon, the Dutch show us the way by banning that ugly austerity word and replacing it by a more social acceptable term like “modernization” and “building bridges”. And above “de moerdijk”, that implies some EUR 16 bio of “modern” savings, ie EUR 1,000/capita or roughly…

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An update on "Der Backstein"

Over the last couple of months, we have been focusing on “frothy” housing market bubbles in various pockets around the world, down under and in the West. And we have been focusing as well on the age of financial repression meaning zero interest rates, and what to do with our money, me, you, our pension fund. Today we will have a quick look on some recent…

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Sunday brunch : Swedish Smorgasbord - Thou shan't leave EMU

Sunday’s big easy and two stories for the weekly wrap up. First of all Sweden, being the first big European economy to engage on economic stimulus, afraid that the global slow-down will have a strong impact on the economy due to its international exposure (exports 36% of GDP). So as a head start, the government decided to boost public investment by 3.5 bio…

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