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Onweerswolken boven grondstoffenland?

Toen ik de laatste lijnen van mijn vorige blog schreef (de platte aarde) kon ik niet vermoeden dat een vervolg zich zo snel zou opdringen. Met dank aan Christina Fernandez, el Presidente de Argentina. Ze pleegde zo maar eventjes een staatsgreep op YPF, het Argentijnse oliebedrijf dat voor bijna 60% in handen is van het Spaanse Repsol (dat op zijn beurt voor 10%…

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Destroying the recovery ex-ante ?

A funny thing happened this week with a remarkable change of tactics inside the FOMC, the rate decision organ of the Federal Reserve. Whilst almost every one was anticipating some form of new (h)opium to please the bulls, the minutes of the March meeting showed exactly the opposite. Some might argue that these minutes from the FED desperately try to achieve a…

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Gezocht: 20 tot 45 miljoen vaten olie per dag

Na de eindejaarcijfers komen nu ook de presentaties en toelichtingen op gang, en vanuit mijn persoonlijke interessesfeer kijk ik met meer dan gewone belangstelling naar het oliewereldje. Door de dure olie waren de sectoriële resultaten behoorlijk geflatteerd, maar bij de meesten zagen we toch dat het vierde kwartaal iets minder beter was dan het vorige.…

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The Chinese Copper "detour"

There's an old Irish joke about a guy who's lost and desperately looking for the road to Kilearney. When encountering a farmer and asking for the right direction, the answer comes straight : “If you're heading for Kilearney, I wouldn't depart from here”. Chinaman's dilemma is identical. The detour however is not without…

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Automatic Pilot

“I don't trust automatic pilot, I wanna be myself when the fall-out comes…”D. Blanchart – “Living in a cockpit”. 2008 was a period where world markets suffered a correlated crash with virtually every asset class collapsing in an unprecedented fashion. Can it happen again ? The synchronicity in 2008 was really…

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Is a new gold-standard part of the solution ?

The gold price continues to climb. On a log-scale, gold (in USD) is on a steady upward trend, with some corrections on the way. This could imply several things (some probably simultaneously): confidence in thebanking systemremains weak confidence inpaper moneyis weak confidence in futurecentral bankpolicy is weak The other possibility (the Roubini thesis)…

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Willem Buiter believes gold is worth nothing (zero, nihil)

That’s a statement, Willem Buiter in the Financial Times: Gold is a six thousand year-old-bubble. I don’t want to argue with a 6000-year old bubble. It may well be good for another 6000 years. Its value may go from $1,100 per fine ounce to $1,500 or $5,000 for all I know. But I would not invest more than a sliver of my wealth into something without intrinsic…

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