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My Mood(y's) swings

Well, it’s not exactly Moody’s but more precisely Fitch, sending out messages which are “surprising” to say the least. Remember earlier this week, Fitch came out with pension time bomb study on which we blogged. And in the case of Belgium, it’s a long way to Tipporary with a considerable chance of downgrade towards BBB in case…

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A short intermezzo by side-show Bob

I have been feeling a lttle bit under the weather but luckily, we can post some stuff with a little help from our friends. Sideshow Bob volunteered and came up with the following short consideration about the impact of Basel III going softer on banks and capital cushion requirements. It also touches the vital aspect of financial markets, being liquidity, and…

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Note on the Volcker Rule

Former FED governor Paul Volcker was appointed in 2009 by the Obama administration to chair the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Volcker has ever since been focusing on systemic risk in the financial sector, more specifically the trading positions commercial banks take on. It’s basically an extension or implementation of the…

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Un upgrade on the Nobel, if you please - Erase and Rewind

Today, the Swedish Academy on the Nobel decided to grant this year’s award towards Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley. A quick reminder here. When the academy gave its first – non official – reward, it had to be spot on. And it was because it went to Tinbergen and Frish. Now concerning Tinbergen, the award was “complete”. Tinbergen…

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The Bundesbank, 1975, 1997, 2012 ?

We have seen some remarkable shifts lately on the German political front. Yesterday, Frau Merkel wistled back its CSU coalition partner after an interview in Der Spiegel which was rather unfriendly towards Mario Draghi and Greece. In addition, in her ARD appearance, Frau Merkel was remarkably in favor of the ESM rescue construction, also a new element to reconsider.…

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POSTCARD from Hamburg - ADM

At Econopolis we combine in-depth research and analysis with on-the-ground company visits around the world to find the best opportunities in this ever changing world. Yesterday, we had the unique opportunity to meet with some members of the top management from Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in Hamburg. We talked at length to Patricia Woertz, CEO and chairman…

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Zijn er nog nieuwe Buffett's ?

Rond deze tijd van het jaar komt de Opperbelegger met zijn brief aan de aandeelhouders, en die wordt ook gretig door de rest van de wereld gelezen. Wie deze lectuur (en andere boeken over de man) doorneemt, moet wel gaan dromen over onmetelijke rijkdommen die door beleggen blijkbaar kunnen worden vergaard. Zelf kocht ik mijn eerste aandeel toen ik nog student…

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House of Pain - Fed to the rescue, again

New figures on US home foreclosures were recently released and for some, it might even induce some feeling of optimism. So the worst is behind us ? Not yet, and certainly not as far as the FED is concerned. But let’s first take a look at some basic stats. And now for the bad news. Though completed foreclosures have come down by almost 25% on a yearly basis, it…

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Play the "safe" EMU govie carry trade

After November’s hectic month on all sorts of government bonds, ranging from PIIGS over to Belgium over to credits globally, December has kicked off under a different Zodiac sign. In fact, the latest auctions on government bonds have staged various rallies on different countries. Now the question would be : Has the Belgian state bill auctioning of a…

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