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The mystery of the printing press

On Voxeu, there lately has been a string of interesting exchanges on macro policy issues and trends. A first series last month tackled the lessons on the financial crisis and how to deal with it, amongst which some interesting angles on sovereign debt crisis and austerity. Early this week however, an interesting paper appeared from professors Corsetti (Cambridge)…

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  1. Bart Van CraeynestBart Van Craeynest said: Straffe grafiek van @TheEconomist over uitgaven voor wegen, België niet top... 6 hours ago
  2. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @MausMichel @HLN_BE Niemand heeft de moed om te zeggen dat het voor de staat vrij neutraal was, maar beslisssingsce… 8 hours ago
  3. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: RT @roadcc: Cycling best way of travel in cities for physical and mental health… but you knew that #cycling https:/…about 19 hours ago
  4. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @Youssef_Kobo De Y-as is het reëel inkomen in 1000euro gerebaseerd aan beginniveau van 1970. Bron OESO, via Thomson Datastream.about 20 hours ago
  5. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @Youssef_Kobo En sinds 1970. 20 hours ago