Econopolis Economic Encounter – 17/02/2016

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Dear Econopolis Ambassador,

We are pleased to give you a summary of our Econopolis Economic Encounter (EEE) of February 2016.

We hope you will enjoy the video clips and pictures of the seminar and are looking forward to seeing you again at our next event.

The Econopolis Team


Geert Noels, Rudi Braes, Kris Peeters, Johan Van Overtveldt, Luc Bertrand & Bart Van Craeynest


Video clips:

  • Introduction by Rudi Braes, CEO & President of EY Belgium
  • Introduction by Geert Noels, Founder & Economist of Econopolis
  • “Building a better Belgium” by Bart Van Craeynest, Chief Economist of Econopolis
  • “Creating an environment for growth in a volatile financial world” by Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance
  • “The government’s economic vision” by Kris Peeters, Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government and Federal Minister of Labor, Economy and Consumer affairs, in charge of Foreign Trade
  • DEBATE : What should be the priorities for this government? Is this government ambitious enough to make this economy better?
  • DEBATE: Do we have time to go step by step?
  • DEBATE: Do companies need a corporate tax to invest and create jobs?
  • DEBATE: Economic growth: Are we in a period of stagnation? Is it difficult to generate the growth that we need?
  • Q&A: Expenditure cuts: Why don’t we speak about fundamental saving in our state? Why don’t we have the courage to address public saving?
  • Q&A: What measures can be taken to lower public spending?
  • Q&A: How to promote economic growth?