Friday “Fun”: 26, almost club 27


Club 27 is a club for which you do not apply for membership, no matter your heroics. It’s a kind of myth, a coincidental club of people who don’t make age 28. A lot of (pseudo) artists have become member : Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, Brian Jones to name the most famous, and in 2011 Amy Winehouse joined ranks. For some, life/fame is just too big, others search for their death ride under the name of “you can’t create art unless you’re stoned, depressed or drunk”. Life in the fast lane or to quote the Eagles, “somebody laid the mountains low while the town got high”. This last category is very famous for teenagers age 16-21 reading Humo (sorry for that).

To some extent, there are similarities with fund managers and traders. Sure, most of us have their limits but other rogue ones trade one the edge, even willing to sacrifice a lot, either by cheating (covering up by cooking the books) or taking excessive risk to save a hopeless position. Double up. So Ponzi, Leason, Hamanaka, Madoff, Kiervel ,or others, are of all time. And it wouldn’t surprise me a tiny bit that under the present circumstances, somewhere another big corps is potentially hanging in the cupboard, waiting for release and salvation. And like Kiervel, they will become younger, very likely high on coke and most likely “heroic” age 26-27. As a matter of fact, coincidentally Nick Leason was 27 in 1994 when he went out of control, surviving club 27 when the Bearings scandal broke out early 1995.

So for this week’s music choice, I have picked out a less known club 27 member and some one who sadly enough didn’t even make it to the club, narrowly missing the finish at age 26 :

1) Richey Edwards (1967), rhythm guitarist of Manic Street Preachers and the great vanishing trick in 1995. Not a sign of him ever since and officially proclaimed dead in 2008. And to remain in the present crisis atmosphere, “La tristesse durera (scream to a sigh)”

2) Nick Drake (1948-1974). Who the…is Nick Drake ? Well, perfectly raised upper class kid, Marlborough public school, excelling in athletics, clarinet, piano and guitar. Only 3 albums failing to reach the bigger audience and as is so often the case, becoming famous when his fourth unfinished album was released after his death (overdose antidepressants). During the Christmas break, I came across the following ballad ; and by accident I discovered a blog comment describing the song/lyrics as to something which comes very close to the perfect dream. And I agree. Nature’s trick of the light, the perfect mystery of a “Northern Sky”

Cheers and have a nice weekend


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