Friday Fun : Have a laugh and jump into the abyss !


Remember those pre-2007 days ? We were all happy, lending ourselves rich, stock market was booming, sky was the limit and life was ahead of us. Unfortunately things turned out quite differently. But nevertheless, it seems that even important policy makers, being faced with difficult choices, had a great laugh too. We picked up the following graph, showing how even boring central bankers seemed to have had a great time during FOMC meetings. And the longer the bubble continued, the more funny it became :


All too human and easy to understand. Painful nevertheless and a lesson in humility. So we conclude our last week’s journey into religion with the next song. Sometimes you better not laugh and certainly not with God. Though God has a special sense of humor and God can be so hilarious, just listen to Regina :

Entering financial crisis year 5 but may be, who knows, in 5 years time we have plenty of fun fun fun, sun sun sun,love,love,love, have a walk in the zoo, have a drink or two, and be happy just to be there with our beloved ones. Sounds great to me and looking forward to it.

Cheers and have a great weekend


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on 27 January, 2012 about Fun

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