Friday Fun : Me, daddy and bricks in the Wall

One of the all time great movies is certainly the World according to Garp. An impossible book to film and yet the result is so funny, so tragic, so…life ? One of the small gems is the following extract in which young Garp dreams about his father hero fighter pilot, the person he never knew. And it also nicely explains child copycat behavior with Garp opting for wrestling as a sport at school, being able to resemble his father wearing a kind of leather (fighter pilot) cap :

Now what’s the link with the following audio fragments ? Well, I have tried to postpone it as long as I could but there was no escaping : Pink Floyd, and the pressure coming from one of our CEOs, whose identity we will not reveal but his first name starts with a G, last name with a W ending on “ellens” and is living in…The Garp obsession with the unknown father is identical to Roger Waters. The Final Cut (1983) is an extension of the Wall (1979) on the same lost father syndrome. With the Falkland war outbreak, Waters decided to use the numbers as a critique and perceived the war as a betrayal of his father’s death. This album was the last one on which Waters collaborated with the band and the only album on which Waters is credited for the lyrics and composition of all songs. And we have to admit that the band has made some good songs as well. So we picked out Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 (Daddy what you leave behind for me ?). As for The Final Cut, my choice fell on my personal favorite “Paranoid Eyes”, for the lyrics and the resemblance to “Wish you were here”.

Cheers and have a nice weekend


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