Friday (less) Funny : Buy or Sell, Dead or Alive !

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Determination, perseverance, focus. Basic ingredients for success, so the story goes. If you really want something badly, how far are you willing to lift the game ? I once experienced it in a different way when 12 years ago, I was “short” in the market by accident. Meaning I sold something which was not in my possession although I was convinced of the opposite. My counter-party and settlement/depositary administrator informed me about the inconvenience and so the race was on : the search for a security (covered bond in this case) across the world. 48 hours later and with a little help from my friends I managed to get hold to the precious thing somewhere in former Eastern Europe (Thanks Bart, I still owe you that bottle !!), just in time. But despite good intentions and conviction of “you have got what it takes”, it doesn’t always end in success. Just watch American Beauty Annette Benning making a tremendous effort to become a local real estate king. I will sell this house today, I will sell this house today….

Poor Caroline. Still, that shouldn’t stop us from participating in the endless process of trial and error. And mother nature’s most interesting challenge of course about girls who want boys who want girls etc. In this case, I want you dead or alive, she said. Time to set the stage for Mr John Cale, plain vanilla rock and roll with piano, guitar and a trumpet twist. Blow that horn !!

Cheers and have nice weekend


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le 10 février, 2012 sur Fun