On to the next election in France

As expected, Emmanuel Macron easily won the second round of the French presidential elections yesterday. Aside from the relief that France didn’t go for the extreme right option, this still doesn’t mean a whole lot. Yes, the Macron win came by a wide margin, but on the other hand turnout was quite low and Marine Le Pen basically doubled the result of her father 15 years ago. In any case…

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Inflation in Belgium: our analysis

The high inflation figure for Belgium, published this week, didn’t come unexpected to Econopolis. We have been predicting a rise in inflation throughout Europe around this time for a while now and also that Belgium would be on top of the inflation list. On the most important reasons behind the inflation hike and why Belgium is the inflation champion in the eurozone, we gave an interview (in Dutch) on national television. We…

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  1. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @mattsteinglass @lexhoogduin @JosephEStiglitz Ik nodig je uit in België, een economisch Madurodam van Europa.about 15 hours ago
  2. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @mattsteinglass @lexhoogduin @JosephEStiglitz Ben er al geweest, dus ken de verschillen. Conform: liberaal, vrije c… https://t.co/a8GA6oG1Hrabout 15 hours ago
  3. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @karel_lannoo Verder discussieer ik graag met je, maar niet met het "maar Geert toch"-dédain.about 15 hours ago
  4. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @karel_lannoo Ja, maar niet on top van bestaande budgetten. Anders niet bezuinigen. Subsidiariteit is nobel principe.about 15 hours ago
  5. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @mattsteinglass @lexhoogduin @JosephEStiglitz Vergelijkingen met de VS lopen altijd wel mank, omdat Europa niet de… https://t.co/QfS28p17kDabout 15 hours ago