What we do

Multi-Family Office

What makes Econopolis’ multi-family office approach unique is the expertise we have built up in a variety of asset classes and economic activities, our relationship of trust with various leading families, the multi-dimensional projects in which we have been able to support them and the unique way in which we managed to involve the different generations in the wealth.

Managing and advising on family wealth and assets demands the same careful management as a family business. Just as the family’s aim is to ensure the long-term continuity and growth of the family business, our aim is to ensure growth in the family wealth so that it can be passed to the next generation intact and with added value. The same management and organisational qualities, creativity, entrepreneurship and monitoring are needed as for managing the family business.

Econopolis offers a global, multi-disciplinary approach to asset allocation, macro-economic insights and beliefs about the trends in the economy and society over the years to come, management of securities, real estate advice and supervision of and suggestions for private investments. We carry out a detailed analysis in advance of the family’s securities, beliefs and visions in order to meet their expectations of asset support, growth, monitoring and reporting. If desired, we can incorporate this analysis into a charter together with the family.

The Econopolis approach has various benefits for families: we offer completely independent advice because we have no interest in and gain no advantage from the solutions we propose. We bring together the best independent specialists in various fields to help look after your wealth. And we offer efficient reporting and an overview of your entire wealth and work at fair and highly transparent fees.