What we do

Wealth management

Our chief concern is to protect your family assets from the current and future financial vicissitudes. In close consultation with you, we prepare your wealth for the following generations and ensure that you respond to the new reality of the coming decades to the maximum.

Econopolis creates and manages specialised investment products based on specific themes and investment opportunities.

We are your guide, leading you through the financial-economic labyrinth and protecting you from the practices that over the last few years have resulted in derailments and huge losses.

Real estate, artworks, participations, business activities and investments outside the stock exchange: Econopolis advises families on the management of their entire wealth. The aim: to prepare the inheritance for the coming generations.

Our management is based on the insights described in the bestseller Econoshock. And because we are totally independent, we can rely on investments that meet our quality criteria and serve the interests of the client.