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“…after the gunshot”, replies the answering machine of Herr Flick. Today, a newspaper from progressive left origin had the audacity to bundle all the reactions – or rather lack of reactions – from various members of the board of governors from Dexia and the Communal Holding. The summary is quite a revelation. On the Communal…

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  1. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @aapbelgium Je zou wel een Wereldoorlog moeten doorstaan...about 13 hours ago
  2. Geert WellensGeert Wellens said: ‘It’s the little things, stupid’. Eerste fietsrit met iemand die door ziekte een jaar lang zijn favoriete passie ni… 15 hours ago
  3. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: RT @Villavelius: “People who are pessimistic about the world today, which period of about 80 years in the past would they have liked to hav…about 19 hours ago
  4. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: Mensen die pessimistisch zijn over de wereld vandaag, in welke periode van zo'n 80 jaar in het verleden zouden zij… 19 hours ago
  5. Fred JanssensFred Janssens said: If European equities have done well in the past 20 years, it is mainly thanks to Germany. Geographical allocation m… 19 hours ago