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“…after the gunshot”, replies the answering machine of Herr Flick. Today, a newspaper from progressive left origin had the audacity to bundle all the reactions – or rather lack of reactions – from various members of the board of governors from Dexia and the Communal Holding. The summary is quite a revelation. On the Communal…

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  1. Gino DelaereGino Delaere said: Good meeting in Noida, India on Friday with a company which has been using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learni… 3 hours ago
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  3. Gino DelaereGino Delaere said: Had a great meeting with the owner of the iconic Royal Enfield motorcycle business (>90% market share in the mid-si… 12 hours ago
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  5. Gino DelaereGino Delaere said: Indians are consuming 10GB of data per month. The total monthly data consumption jumped 4 times from 2016 to 2018.… 16 hours ago