On written and unwritten rules

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than any one else”, dixit Albert Einstein. On these rules of the game, playing better and fair play, some confusion has arisen over the past couple of weeks. And the fact that it has become headline news should start ringing bells for our policy makers. A first warning shot came from the…

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  1. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @pisiski She is bot from London. She is from Belgium and nobody knows her there. Prejudices are like acid: poisonous.38 minutes ago
  2. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @DaveSinardet Ik zie weing redenen waarom dit met een andere coalitie in de komende jaren anders zou worden. We moe… minutes ago
  3. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @pisiski She did it on her own, that is called perseverance.about an hour ago
  4. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: @JurgenBuyst Oh, we worden echt het balastingsmuseum van de wereld.a couple of hours ago
  5. Geert NoelsGeert Noels said: Of nog hogere belastingen. Waar alleen Frankrijk nog voor België staat.a couple of hours ago