What can we do for you?

We are here to help you with your assets.

You have taken great care to build up a healthy financial position and would like not only to protect your assets, but also to ensure that they generate returns in a sustainable and ethical way.

A global approach with a tailor-made plan

To offer sustainable investment solutions we take a view on your overall wealth.

Exploratory meeting

We meet a few times to get to know one another. You can ask questions and discuss the issues that matter to you, we work together to define targets for your wealth and the ambitions you want to achieve.


We carry out a complete analysis of your situation and look at what can be optimised according to your wishes.


Our analysis serves as the basis for our advice, which we go through with you in detail. Together we will refine our proposals to come up with solutions that are a perfect fit for you.

Our solutions

We have different solutions for different needs and every capital.

Multi-Family Office

For Econopolis, family wealth deserves just as much care and management as a family business. A great many leading families have already placed their trust in Econopolis' unique approach and our in-house expertise.


Our funds enable us to manage all sorts of assets in accordance with the Econopolis philosophy and strategy so as to guarantee sufficient diversification in specific asset classes.

Wealth Management

We manage your wealth with great focus on capital preservation, absolute returns and transparency. Our approach is characterised by close, personal and intensive contact.

Wealth Coaching

As a financial adviser or ‘wealth coach', we offer independent and efficient support for all your family and institutional assets.