What we do

Our services

We offer a range of financial advisory and management services adapted to your specific needs

Institutional Asset Management

Econopolis focuses on sustainable asset management for its institutional clients and is a trusted by several large institutions. We translate the principles of sustainable, independent and result driven investments in a unique investment strategy. To maintain our sustainability policy we use not only our own research. We get support from Sustainalytics, the international expert in sustainability […]

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Multi-Family Office

For Econopolis, family wealth deserves just as much care and management as a family business. Many leading families have already placed their trust in Econopolis' unique approach and our in-house expertise. Read more about multi-family office.

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Our funds

At Econopolis, we manage a select number of funds, all of which bear our DNA and are permeated by our investment philosophy.

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Wealth management

We manage wealth with great respect for the way in which it has been built up, great focus on preserving its purchasing power and, with a unique eye for opportunities, to ensure its growth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new economic landscape in the aftermath of the "Econoshock".

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Wealth Coaching

We are your independent guide and coach in the allocations of your assets, and the appointment – according to clear agreements and with strict monitoring – of "best in class" external specialist managers.

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Economic advice

Our independent and thoroughly researched view of the economy and the world is the basis on which we advise companies, institutions, organisations, governments and decision-makers about their strategy and the economic environment in which they are operating.

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Private Investments

We assist our clients in direct investment opportunities in the real economy. Not only do we help you to manage your current non-listed portfolio, but we also provide you with carefully chosen investment cases, analysed and managed by our experts.

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